A fairly new kid on the block in the rehearsal and recording industries, Stage House was created to provide an affordable, creative space open to everybody to use on a regular basis enabling them to fulfil their dreams and aspirations in a range of artistic fields.

To paraphrase that iconic line from Abba, ‘I have a dream,’ or to be more precise Tim Kay, Founder of Stage House had a dream.

He believes, ‘everyone has a talent,’ but when you also have the opportunity to showcase this alongside professional visual and audio technology you should, ‘share it with the world.’

The reality is Stage House can make this happen as we offer a range of studios and rehearsal spaces to help you to produce film, music, drama and photography.

It is the ideal venue for local businesses and professionals, to film and record high quality visual or audio content for their social media platforms or websites, and is perfect for headshot and product photography in our well equipped studios.

Simply book one of the studios and get on with it yourself or, if you feel that you need a bit of expert coaching with the ‘technical’ stuff,  you can hire one of our friendly team to share their expertise and knowledge with you.

Perfect for students studying film editing, photography or audio and broadcasting courses to expand their skills and experience in an industry-standard setting using state-of-the-art equipment. If you create Vlogs or use You Tube, Stage House offers an affordable way for you to regularly create professional content in either our audio or video suites.

What makes us unique is the 360 Live Web-linked Video Audio. Whether it is a business podcast, a live performance or just the thought of reaching your audience in the blink of an eye we got you covered.

With rooms hired on an hourly or daily rate, The Stage House is a very cost-effective option to those on a tight budget so ping us an email or give us a call and make that dream a reality.